Home Staging

100115 Beautiful white living room shutterstock_159028481Selling your home or just want to update the look?

Do you remember the first time you walked into your current house and decided this was home? The feeling was overwhelming and you just knew you had to make it yours.

My first home was a small Spanish style house in my hometown. Although I was not financially prepared to buy this house, my heart knew this is where I belonged. I worked two jobs to afford it and lived in it for several years. That house is just a memory today but the point is that the home had the look and feel of the lifestyle I had envisioned.

Buyers are no different today. Every home offers its next owner a glimpse of an imagined lifestyle. Clear Syncing offers home staging and professional organizing services to support the lifestyle you’ve imagined or the home that other people dream of calling their own.

Home Staging & Professional Organizing

  • Initial Consultation includes action plan for DIY homeowners
  • Declutter & organize storage spaces for maximum home appeal
  • Room Redesign using existing furniture and accessories to create flow and space
  • Packing/unpacking/storing unnecessary belongings
  • Professionally organize new home: kitchen/closets/bathrooms/home offices

Contact us for rates at info@clearsyncing.com or 626.222.5290