Downsizing Services

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Ready for a fresh start? Our professional organizers are specially trained to help you “release” precious belongingsĀ that no longer serve you.

Selling these belongings through estate sales, auctions, or donating to a non-profit agency helps to defray some moving costs. More importantly, eliminating these belongings saves you the cost of moving or storing things that are no longer useful or relevant.

Whether you’re moving or not, downsizing belongings that no longer serve you create space for your new life design. Clear Syncing can facilitate an estate sale, send belongings to auction, or help you choose a charity for your donations. We manage each event with the utmost sensitivity and professionalism.

One of our favorite “downsizing” events, time permitting of course, isĀ hosting a “family & friend” giveaway gathering. You give us your invitation list and we’ll plan and “stage” the event!

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